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Python Introduction
CSS Introduction
How To Add CSS
CSS Syntax
CSS Comments
CSS Selectors
CSS Backgrounds
CSS Borders
Template Files
Template Files Topic 1
Main Stylesheet (style.css)
Main Stylesheet (style.css) Topic 2
Post Types
Post Types Topic 3
Organizing Theme Files
Organizing Theme Files Topic 4
Template Hierarchy
Template Hierarchy Topic 5
Template Tags
Template Tags Topic 6
The Loop
The Loop Topic 7
Lesson 1
Math exercise on differential calculaous 1
Lesson 2
Math exercise on differential calculaous 2
Lesson 3
Math exercise on integral calculaous 3
Lesson 4
Math exercise on integral calculaous 4
W3.CSS Color Classes
W3css Topic 1 - Color Classes
W3.CSS Color Material
W3css Topic 2 - Color Material
W3.CSS Color Flat UI
W3css Topic 3 - Color Flat UI
W3.CSS Color Metro UI
W3css Topic 4 - Color Metro UI
W3.CSS Color Win8
W3css Topic 5 - Color Win8
W3.CSS Color iOS
W3css Topic 6 - Color iOS
W3.CSS Color Libraries
W3css Topic 7 - Color Libraries
W3.CSS Color Schemes
W3css Topic 8 - Color Schemes
W3.CSS Color Themes
W3css Topic 9 - Color Themes
W3.CSS Color Generator
W3css Topic 10 - Color Generator
HTML Introduction
HTML Introduction
HTML Editors
HTML Editors
HTML Basic
HTML Basic
HTML Elements
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Attributes
HTML Tag List
HTML Headings
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Paragraphs -Topic
HTML Styles
HTML Styles
HTML Formatting
HTML Formatting
Course Introduction
PHP for WordPress Introduction
Downloading and Using the Course Example Files
What is PHP?
Setting Up WordPress Locally
Writing Some Basic PHP
DesktopServer from ServerPress
PHP Programming Basics
Local from Flywheel
Editing WordPress Files Locally
WordPress PHP Coding Standards
Introduction to Staging
Different Types of PHP Files in WordPress